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Why Good Customer Service Skills in Retail Business is Important

Why Good Customer Service Skills in Retail Business is Important

According to observation there is a pattern which is becoming apparent in customers’ behavior. It is a belief that any supermarket staff member found inside the store must be at their service. Not merely being there for them, but to perform good customer service. Anyway not denying that, because in its true context of businesses, every worker must have customer oriented mentality. Moreover, from an observation perspective, it looks like in each set of 10 customers that you meet, there should be at least 2 customer’s queries.

Common customer’s queries and how to respond to them

Price check

It can be sometimes tricky if the order of prices labels are in mess due to other customer activities on the shelves. So the best way to deal with customer’s queries is to use a price check device if available. Today price check devices are popular in many retail stores. Thus for those whose are not familiar with reading bar codes on the shelves, it is faster and easier to use price check devices.

Products location

Dealing with customers must be taken as sensitive matter particularly in this modern age. Here you get to meet two types of customers: modest and difficult customers. Try this to provide good customer service: Kindly make sure to escort the customer to the area in question and show the location of the item in need. It is also a better way to avoid trouble with customers in case you are dealing with complicated consumers.

Availability of stock inquiries

In order to save time, together with the person in need, double-check the availability of stock on the shelves. Then in case the shelf is empty, the next step is to confirm now if there is another display elsewhere within the store. Failing to find anything inside the store. Lastly, inform the customer to be patient until it is confirmed from the storeroom whether stock is available.

Picking up products

Specific products may be displayed at high places which is difficult to fetch in other shops. Hence in the event a customer is short to pick up items from the shelves, great idea is to find someone tall or an extension to assist. But the use of a stepladder is actually the best to save time, unless it is far.

Exchanging products

Fulfilling consumers’ expectations with good customer service must be an ultimate goal for all. Every day in supermarkets, customers always express needs of exchanging products after purchasing. Which is now common customer behavior. It is as simple as, pointing out with exactness where they should go and get assistance with product returns and exchange. On the other hand, it is annoying when they reach there and only being directed to another location.

Customer complaints

Here is a conclusion drawn from experience; if a customer does not query for service, he or she is there to complain. So for a complaining customer send him or her to the customer service where they deal with customer matters.

Two different ways to apply exceptional customer service:

Normal customer queries

The first thing that a customer wants is an answer, whether positive or vice versa. The key is, well manners is the best answer. Let us say your answer is negative, and yet again in your context there is lack of good manners. Guess what will be the outcome…

Dissatisfied customers

Considering the business motto that says “customer is king”, now a days everyone is quite aware of it. This concept not only is it a business slogan, but also consumers’ right. For customers have taken it to another level, and use it for own advantage. Moreover it is working fairly well for them. So one of the things they enjoy from it is freedom of speech. So when it is about complementing or disapproving over products or services. A dissatisfied customer wants to hear words of apologies from retailers. Then another one wants just hear you saying “I will fix it”.

Therefore good customer service is to make consumers happy without considering race, appearance, age and how they speak like.

herefore good customer service is to make consumers happy without considering race, appearance, age and how they speak like.

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