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Why Business Goal Alignment is So Important for Success

Why Business Goal Alignment is So Important for Success

First, this is to demonstrate a few strategic advantages of business goal alignment Second, importance for a business to continuously align its goal to its sales force. In general businesses divide yearly target goals into quarters, which is done a bit differently with the sales department.

Goal alignment importance

It is vital for business goal alignment to connect with sales’ goal, and making sure that there is proper follow-up and back-up. Next the sales force has to align its goal to the business’ overall goal. Readjusting settings of its target goal on a regular basis. This exercise is a strategic way to be reminding both to have one common goal. Enabling the company to attain and exceed target revenues.

Goal breakdown

Sales starts with the smallest goals to achieve in setting quotidian numbers to get done. While a business sets one year goal to breakdown into three quarters. So in order to meet each other half way, sales is able to breakdown periodic results (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly outcomes). Yet again to complete the above process salespeople design field tactics of attack in details. Even though approaches of achieving results differ from both parties’, nevertheless the ideal is to align the departmental target goals to the main one (company).

Customer service

Today customers are no longer ignorant about products than before. But new technology has made it easy for customers to learn all about product and solutions in the market. This is possible simply because tools of information distribution about competitors are available, which is even under constant innovation. All due to the magic of applications accessible on cellular phones, tablets and computers to get any information. So educating the forefront ambassadors more about customer service is great advantage to the business for customer’s best experience. For it will make no sense to have the finest products without customer attraction.


The marketing department as business intelligence positions itself to provide information concerning competitors’ and strategize in order to stand competition. For this reason, businesses mus be aligning goals with marketing instead of leaving alone the intelligence duties to the department. Of which by its nature, sales and marketing typically combine both short and long term goals to accomplish the business target. In practical salesmen set short term goals based on information by the business intelligence and use it as leverage to beat the competition. In short, marketing identifies leads and supplies information to strengthen the sales force, whereas salesmen do follow-up on prospects and close deals.

Assure business’ ROI

The process of qualifying opportunities requires to set standards to identify profitable leads among various ones. So what happens is salesmen generate identifiable revenues regularly, by means of daily and weekly targeted goals. Of which they are equipped with special tools to turn leads into real buyers. Anyway, the business itself is liable to take full responsibilities to be providing the best training of its sales force for entity’s safety on revenues.

Therefore, to run business successfully and efficiently, the main GOAL must connect with all four corners of an organization.


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