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Why Are Buyers Ignoring Sales Prospecting emails?

According to experience sales prospecting emails have a lower responsiveness rate compared to direct mails. Two things to identify from both counterpart salesmen and prospects. A pertinent remark to point out on potential customers when it is about opening and reading anonymous emails. On the other hand prospectors seem to have serious writing issues leading to unsuccessful sales emails.

Why Are Buyers Ignoring Sales Prospecting emails?

In general, a good number of potential customers do not customize private inbox to separate spam from no spam emails. Whereas they just keep inboxes on default such that ending up to have a collection of hundreds of unread messages. What a conception! My worry is to find out the kind of mindset behind that or it is simply a lack of awareness. So the more our potential clients continue to decline opening our emails, the more our prospecting emails become unsuccessful.

The process of trying to understand this challenge has brought me to do the following steps. Moreover, I also have come up with various hypothetical thoughts regarding this concern.

  • The flood of emails makes prospect failing to differentiate between no solicited, promotion and private emails. Although not every buyer does that but quite many of them operate with this approach. This opinion is a result of work experience observation.
  • Executive managers have a lot on their plates to deal with, and are too busy to read emails .And this is actually the song that nearly everyone sings now a day “I am busy”. Or in other words it is simply an excuse.
  • The identification of fear of abuse is one of the main reasons that have pushed prospects to even go as far as blocking emails. The connotation of email abuse is when sending a lot of one-way no solicited emails, as a result prospect become fed-up.
  • On the other hand, remember about masking oneself during sales prospecting is regarded as a violation of people’s respect as opposed to openness. And tricking a potential customer on purpose such that one will fall in a trap to open and read an email. However using common sense it is clear and visible in the eyes that this attempt cannot guarantee a purchase. Guess what, you are booking your name on a black list book and end up losing a potential client for good.
  • I believe that overconfidence is one of the causes to prospecting emails rejections as well. As our clients settle well in business, they have the flexibility of choosing who to do business with.

Lastly, the principles of life state that you have to uncover your enemies so as to use the right strategies to overcome them. It does not necessarily meant that prospects and prospectors are enemies, but opponents standing on opposite sides. My main concern is on sales prospecting emails that abuse potential buyers in one or other way. This kind of mistake is fatal that salesmen should be aware of. I hope this contribution will help you identify obstacles, and finally correct your sales prospecting emails mistakes.

Why Are Buyers Ignoring Sales Prospecting emails?</div>

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