What Are Post-sales Activities and Why Are They Helpful?

The end results of the salesperson’s hard work pays off even much more if the post-sales activities are handled correctly. So, what are post-sales activities and why are they helpful? Let’s find out!

Post-sales activities are basically after-sales opportunities that salespeople take advantage of in order to increase sales revenue. The most common opportunities found at this stage include complementary sales and referrals, to mention a few.

I have been producing average sales results in my early days as a sales distributor because I did not comprehend the benefits that come at post sales. Unfortunately, as a new recruit what I was told about post sales was to rehash with no further explanation. Later only to hear from peers that rehash is to stress on asking complementary purchases from buyers.

In fact, it takes a lot of effort to search for, locate, nurture, and close a prospect.  Read more. Therefore to save you time, you do not have to repeat the whole sales process every time you want to close each new customer. But whenever you rehash, selling becomes simpler. This means, in most cases salesmen do start the process from scratch, and in other cases they do not. What is rehashing by the way? 


Rehashing in sales is the act of convincing a consumer to buy complementary products, additional products or ask for references after their initial purchase. In short, the purpose of rehashing is a recommendation to boost sales. 

Types of purchasing as a result of rehashing

Rehash produces two types of purchasing; instant purchase and long term purchase.

Instant rehash: Is the extra sales a salesperson makes on the spot through the efforts of rehashing. 

In the long term: Rehashing does happen the moment the salesman does the after sales service. Making a follow up to find out if the customer is so far satisfied with the company product or dissatisfied. Moreover, good service provision activates long-term business relationships, new deals and referrals. According to Investopedia: “After-sales service is any support provided to a customer after the product or service has already been purchased. Companies use after-sales support as a business strategy as it typically leads to higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and even word-of-mouth-marketing.”

Post-sales activities

Post-sales activities are seen in two different ways

1.Post sales reactions (salesman)

The salesman reacts to the customer’s act of buying his product at different levels. For a sales rep who knows the job, the goal is to rehash. But the one who knows nothing, will not rehash at all. Even yet, rehashing does not guarantee exponential sales if the sales approach is not well structured.

The salesperson’s goal in taking additional action immediately after closing a purchase is to market supplementary products or obtain referrals. In a reactionary manner, the individual who initiates the conversation is the salesperson after witnessing a purchase. The salesman is led by goals, targets, awareness and more. Weighed and measured questions are released towards the customer for every opportunity available.

General goal: The general objective is to follow the company system with regard to the sales mission. The internal system is showing guidelines for every rep to adapt with. For example, how to write sales goals and the pitching process up to close in detail. 

Specific goals: serve as a reminder of what has to be accomplished, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

2. Buyer’s response

Buyers go through a mindset, emotional and opinion process when it is about to buy or recommend the product or solution.

Mindset: When it comes to examining the product quality and the transaction terms, a professional buyer’s mindset is a business attitude. Then when purchasing for personal use, however, the mindset is based on personality preferences. 

Emotion: Salespeople create an environment that is conducive to consumers’ needs. Customers will be motivated to buy more, recommend, and even spread positive word of mouth if they have a positive experience with salespeople, brand or the company. For instance, if someone had a positive experience, he or she would say, “I’m impressed, but let me buy one and give it a try.”

Opinion: Salespeople’s opinions matter to customers. Customers need nothing else but to feel the sellers confidence in the product, or else they will walk away.

 Importance post sales

The importance of post-sales is that it provides salespeople with the opportunity to generate exponential revenue. After closing a customer it is in fact the beginning of great sales opportunities. There is more potential and more money if sellers can capitalize on the use of all the post sales advantages. Reason why salesmen should not relax after each deal is closed without rehashing.

How do the post-sale activities help a buyer?

The post-sales activities help a buyer to experience professional treatment as a result of becoming a customer. A professional guidance will advise the customer with regard to providing the best recommendations. It also helps the customer in knowing what includes per each deal. 

How does the post-sale activities help the salesman?  

Asking for referral from the customer you just closed helps to multiplies sales in the following ways:

  1. It enables the business to convert bulk sales and acquire high revenues.
  2. The salesman is saved from running the lead generation process, which includes the marketing qualification and the sales qualification. This time, the closing process is even halfway done, but simply requires the transnational agreements between both parties. 
  3. For a salesman to receive free referrals is actually cost saving and profit commission maximization.
  4. The post-sales activities help the salesman to do a product recap. Especially if the customer has forgotten to buy in combo, then this is the opportunity to stress on again. Say things like; hey, did you know that our company also supplies this? Or, did you know that on this one, if you subscribe to 2 cars, the third one will be free of charge.
  5. Rehashing in a form of recommendation is effective because customers take salesmen seriously. 

What exactly are post-sale activities?

  •  Rehash in attempting to boost sales
  • Follow up for more deals
  • After service to insure customer satisfaction
  • After making a purchase, a buyer may realize they made a mistake and seek a better bargain.
  • A consumer may discover that some of the products purchased were forgotten.
  • A consumer may discover that the delivery was incomplete and request restitution or a refund for the items.
  • He or she wants assistance from someone who is being paid for the job. 


The process of going through the outbound strategy, marketing intelligence, marketing qualification and the sales qualification takes really a lot. Again after all the process still needs to close a sale to determine definite client acquisitions. Again, the statistical estimation of the client acquisition refers to this whole  process as five times more demanding than the cost of keeping an existing one. read more…

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