Tips on Direct Sales Vendor Events

10 Tips on Direct Sales Vendor Events to Increase Sales

Running a direct sales event without the required awareness is very much difficult to reach seven figure revenues. However, the adventure gets successful when vendors are in complete possession of tips on direct sales vendor events.

1. What is a direct sales vendor event? 

 A temporary market where sellers position themselves independently, each with a target sales mission to achieve. Sales vendors go into direct interaction with potential buyers. Unlike, the general sales prospecting where salespeople seek the attention of potential customers without even seeing each other.

2.The strength of direct sales vendor event

In the case of cold calls or emails, there is no guarantee that calls or emails will generate positive responses. While in the field, the interaction with visitors is direct. Then the opportunity to perform a ten second intro to prospects about products and services is a  plus. Sales vendors gain the privilege of face to face interaction with prospects. This physical encounter is an advantage to sales vendors. Fact is, as a salesperson the customer has given you his or her attention for you to speak, which in most cases is a scarce commodity and salesmen seek for it. It is actually a bonus to sales vendors because at this point options of communication become plenty. What does it mean? An aware salesperson will leverage this opportunity to apply the selling facial expressions, combined with verbal and non-verbal to score points. Thus it is a once in a while chance to close particular customers.

Besides, what is unique about direct sales events, sellers benefit from the opportunity of qualifying or disqualifying customers on spot. Then again, this process even eliminates the waiting period for potential buyers to respond, as it is the case with cold emails. On the other hand, the answer is instant, enabling salespersons to move to the next level with prospects for the next appointment.

3. Front-line first skills

  • Branding

Branding plays an important role in the visibility of a brand image. The external appearance, which is the combination of designs, colors, images, text messages and more, meant to convey a straightforward  message to the public. As a result, the self-qualification process of customers has drawn its origin from clear branding messages

  1. Smiling: is universally viewed as a sign of friendliness. So showing an upfront smile to a person who just saw you for the first time is strategic. Furthermore, smiling cools down the mood of someone who has been in a bad mood. So demonstrating a sense of smile is an effective strategy to approach prospects towards the booth.
  1. Eye contact: During the course of having conversation with prospects, looking at him or she in the eyes is a sign of self-confidence. For customers feel safe to buy from someone who shows both self-confidence and on the product.
  2. Easy going person: A sales vendor who can relate to people has the ability to have conversations with anyone who visits the booth.
  3. Active listening: Listening is one of the frontline skills to perfect by sales vendors. For they need to listen properly to find out whether they qualify to help prospects and vice-versa.

4. How to prepare for vendor event

  • Event host identification 
  • Setting of objectives 
  • Launch an advertising campaign 
  • Preparation of the right products 
  • Design a professional vendor event booth
  • Get ready to interact with prospects

5. How to host a successful vendor event 

Bellow is what is needed in order to host a successful event; Check out 5 tips on direct sales vendor events:

6.1. Goal setting

With a mindset that vendor events take place for a variety of purposes such as promotion, sales, and information gathering, setting goals will be straightforward. Right now, all you have to do is to ask yourself one question: “What do we want to accomplish in the post-event?”. The ability to answer the question is a sign of confirmation that someone knows the main objective.

6.2. Pickup line readiness

Then the next step is to prepare the pickup line. A clear image that every potential customer perceives after an introduction has been made.

6.3. Product knowledge

One of the most pressing and important things to cover before showing up at a sales event is product  knowledge. Before appearing on the event the level of knowing your product in detail should be high. Remember you are an expert in the field and prospects want to get full info prior to getting into any commitment. So with a partial knowledge of the product in hands it is easy to lose customers.

6.4. Qualification process skills

It is obvious that you will be flooded with a lot of visitors to your booth. And surely many will be in the process of looking for the right deals, but do not allow the in and out movement of people to waste your time. Whereas, stick to your plan and make things happen. Find a strategy that will work out to qualify customers and quickly and move on.

6.5. Collection of information abilities

The success of organizing an event is in fact determined by the amount of contact information acquired to follow up. 

7. What to sell at vendor events

 Anything can be sold at vendor events, except that there is a disadvantage for certain types of products or solutions.. The advantage of organizing vendor events is that it is easy to sell particular products  (clothing), more importantly to collect prospects information from which you can build a customer list to follow up remains the best.

8. How to advertise a direct  vendor event

Email Marketing: Building a list of the audience to reach out then send them emails.

– Social media: Running paid promotional ads via various social platforms available. Read also this: Seven Figure Social Selling: Over 400 Pages of Proven Social Selling Scripts, Strategies, and Secrets to Increase Sales…

– Host website: As usual hosts do feature on their websites vendors that will appear on the events

 9. Characteristics of sales vendor event

  • Not a permanent marketplace 
  • Suitable to sell products but not for all 
  • Trading hours are limited 
  • Organic traffic: Preparing for a seller event begins with sending emails to a group of people who appear to be potential buyers of the available products. Not only that, but also by strengthening the strategy with paid social media ads. Finally once registered to participate in a vendor event there is a benefit of being featured in the host website for publicity purposes.
  • Direct traffic: More and more traffic comes to your sales booth just because you are there. The reality is that professional sales booth design even attracts unexpected visitors who end up becoming real buyers.

Tips on Direct Sales Vendor Events

10. Successful vendor booth ideas

The main goal is to go there and build long term relationships with the prospects who come to visit the booth. The truth is, we never know who our next customer will be. Moreover, the way to achieve this is to create something that every visitor will remember. This is a booth with features that visitors can easily remember even when they are gone is vital. There are things like banners, catalogs, flyers, business cards, or other forms of material that help prospects make the right decisions. Ultimately, the vision is to minimize any confusion when traffic arrives. In addition, the level of organization should start from start to finish.


Awareness and proper application of tips on direct sales vendor events keeps vendors composed during event activities. At the same time, implement a goal-oriented strategy to turn the whole process into a seven-figure result.

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