The Truth About Why Sales Is Hard As a Career

The Truth About Why Sales Is Hard As a Career

Some years back in my sales career, I remember I used to wake up every day at 4 am. I would prepare myself and reach at work before 6 am in the morning to knock off at 8 pm in the evening. Beside that I suffered at times pleasant and displeasing day-to-day challenges. I have heard a number of people saying sales is hard, honestly every salesman has his unique experience in this industry.

Learning from the hard way 

Apart from school experiences, the challenge in this industry was tougher and above my expectations. The first obstacles were to work every day with peers who used to kick ass and made things hard. Again my frustrations became more in moments where my sales targets were beating bellow the goal line. Then the culture of solely celebrating daily, weekly and monthly high performers was hard to bear. In my case average results were not that much consistent. However, compared to the level of competition I was facing, my results were not good enough to be part of the high roller celebration. So every single day I had to work hard, figuring out what could be the best strategy to beat my competitors. Yet again the challenge did not only end here but to correct mistakes and preparation of new challenges. So the daily hustling on how to polish up my pitch handling objections and closing techniques were my duties.

Sales is Hard Responsibility 

The duty of sales is to be at the front line. Make the first contact with the first prospective customers before they reach to experience product and service. Working as an ambassador of the brand you are selling or promoting is not an easy task. The fact is you possess the key to keep or destroy the integrity of the company. So the pressure sales ambassadors absorb is not only to achieve sales targets, but to also handle well customers complexities. Thus, keeping customers satisfied, retaining them and achieving the daily target is hard.

Life’s Choice 

Working up early and sleeping late daily is one of the hardest things in life. On the other hand, living under these principles is also part of the road map to one’s sales career success. Important: the amount of sacrifices made forth to reach anything or career success always comes with a price. As for me there was no plenty of time to spend with family, socializing and entertainment. I guess you can imagine how hard it is to live without these things. Moreover, this new life style will cause family issues for not being there for them. Yet it does not only end there but missing-out as well the best of social life and even losing weight.

Therefore, the sales practice differs everywhere and it turns out to be broad in general but applied according to industry. Like I said, each sales professional has his own and unique experience with sales. Here is the challenge for you, Are you of the public opinion that says sales is hard, and why do you believe so? Leave your comment and tell us about your experience.

The Truth About Why Sales Is Hard As a Career
The Truth About Why Sales Is Hard As a Career
The Truth About Why Sales Is Hard As a Career

8 thoughts to “The Truth About Why Sales Is Hard As a Career”

  1. Yes, It’s true but if you don’t have challenge in your way there is no happiness at win. you don’t have to struggle hole life. By working hard it will pass very quickly. Thank you.

  2. I wouldn’t say sales is hard as much as it’s a job filled with high stress levels. Even when exceeding your numbers you are pressured for more – on the flip side in 100% commission sales I’m always pressuring myself for more. Complacency is the death of sales in the 100% commission world. The job is by no means an easy one – but stress is the biggest obstacle.

  3. The sales function is very dynamic and changing very rapidly. The function of the job is essentially the same regardless of industry. However, there are certain industry nuances that must be mastered in order to be successful. The hardest part is becoming expert in those nuances. There is no replacement for industry expertise. Discussions with potential customers must be driven by though provoking questions and guiding the customer to their decision. Also, the blend and crossover between sales and marketing is more defined than ever before. No longer can the two functions co-exist without singing from the same page of the hymn book. If anyone would like to discuss further I am always available for peer-to-peer dialog.

  4. Tshiama – been at it, a long time. A product of the High-Tech field.
    Have seen a high casualty rate over several decades – hard drivers came in – with high expectations – and shifted to a different career rock – before the real payoff was realized.
    Your point about it being “hard” – OK – take a look at the external factors that professional sales people are confronted with – changing Market demands, fluctuating Economies, Disruptive Technologies (relentless pace), New formulas for success, Competitive pressures, Enlightened Customers, changing Government regulations, etc., etc., – including the demands of making quotas and dealing with hard-driving and demanding Sales Managers.
    For the most part – the only thing a Sales person controls is their attitude and ability to take it all in stride.
    And – don’t forget the “rejection” factor – most cannot handle a steady diet of that.
    Join the elite club – Good Hunting!
    Ed Hawkeye Hennessy
    Performance Marketing Group – Market Program Specialists
    Author: Market Warfare: Leadership & Domination Over Competitors
    A breakthrough book endorsed by Jay Conrad Levinson – the Father of Guerrilla Marketing

  5. The topic “sales is hard” comes to people to understand to which ‘ type of selling’ he or she undertakes. if a guy takes the first type i.e.,. –Beg selling, then it becomes harder whereas if we take Bulldoze selling, then again it is harder But if he follows P S S (professional selling skills type) then he will only ‘enjoy selling’ and it will never be harder to sell any concept/ any product/ any service.And that too when you train people in P S S on case studies will be the best part of your life to relish in a brain storming session rather brain washing session.
    Has 7 different industry expertise ,Presently as HEAD MARKETING in a construction material company and a freelance trainer in Attitudinal Transformation & Professional Marketing Skills as I am more inclined to develop sales community who are the best persons to deserve for recognition in the community. Can ‘uncover the unrealized needs’ of a company or a customer.

  6. It’s a given – described that way and in that environment, where days are all about the company’s financial agenda, yeah sales must stink something awful. Worse yet if your compensation is entirely based on commission. At that point, are you really able to consider your customer or client’s experience and providing a solution that makes his/her day better?

    Conversely, getting behind a product/service/entity in which you believe – and one that believes in you – with a great mission and story to tell can result in an entirely different mindset and attitude. Better yet if your orientation is laser-focused on the customer. Surprisingly perhaps, you may find results tend to take care of themselves, and you feel a strong sense of purpose and connection and feeling more true to yourself (i.e. authentic). Take for example a development role for a non-profit like a hospital.

    Some sales folks may thrive on the adrenaline rush in a dog-eat-dog neighborhood – if so, well, have at…

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