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The Importance of Product knowledge and Service in Sales

Salespersons need to be at a level of answering essentials about products and service’s features. Better communication skills and excellent product knowledge make it easier to clearly explain where it fits within the people’s needs. Best way is to learning its benefits and make it even worse to uncover new attributes within the product package. So, with these basics you gain an advantage to better position before prospects and market well your company’s products.

The question is how that is possible and what is the best way to know your products?

Getting into customers shoes and perceive own products and services as customers would do, will give you a better perspective. Richard Branson mentioned it in his book “Losing my Virginity” and it works for him. Try admiring your own product as you were to buy it, and see if you will fall for it, then make an honest judgment. Moreover, some authors suggest that companies should encourage employees to first use own products or services. This technique will help them to differentiate functions and features vis-à-vis competitors’ before introducing it to prospects.


A salesman get to perfectly reply to client questions after understanding what own product can and cannot do. Yet being savvy at it enables a good absorbent by prospects of product qualities. In as much as it is good to communicate with clarity, it is also better for salesmen to acquire the best knowledge. Moreover, showing solid product knowledge and ability is meaningful, for building a helpful prospective experience that increases trust and confidence. However, failing to demonstrate proficiency will devalue the company’s product and service.

How to convey product knowledge

It is not necessary to detail the full product features if the right questions were asked earlier. Rationality means to supply prospect only what is necessary to their current need. Important, give the features that are likely to bring solution to the client’s requirements.

I remember back in the time doing field marketing, a customer asked me to repeat my presentation for a second time in front of his friends. Guess what at the end my second presentation they were so amazed about what my product could answer their needs. To end that is how I closed three deals in one shot. What am trying to say is being knowledgeable of the product and service you are selling or promoting. Thus this strategy will convince your prospects to trust you and decide to do business with you.

Therefore, having good product knowledge in turn, equips with more options. The more respectable of a salesperson you are, the more your prospects become confident and put trust in you, the more they will be open and want to work with you. Finally the abundance of information about your niche product leaves you with choices of speaking freely your mind. Friends this how your product, service and solution suit the needs of each of customer that comes your way.

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