The Facial Expression that Causes Prospects to Buy

The Facial Expression that Causes Prospects to Buy

The department of marketing as a whole has one main goal to achieve. Which is to increase the customer database, then the overall company income grows proportionately. So, the sales process in marketing roleplaying starts at the forefront of the business. Plus one of the marketing tactics to influence prospective customers buying behavior is identified as facial expression. That marketing ambassadors use to either portray positive or negative image of the company they represent.

Facial expression significance

first, facial expression stands for Smile, Eye-contact and Excitement and people who apply it are the ones that are in direct contact with customers.

Second, every part of the sales cycle is very important for a successful transaction. Facial expression is well-known to be the first tactic in the preliminary phase of the sales process. Salespeople use this technique early as ice breaker simply because they want to build the first relationship with potential customers. The enthusiasm, the warm welcome etc… are ingredients that will predispose prospects to relate with marketing ambassadors (marketing reps, sales reps, branding reps, merchandisers, and all the departmental staffs).


Now a day, customers have more options to choose about what and where to purchase products, services and solutions. Therefore natural simile from marketing ambassadors can generate different meanings in customers’ mind like: you care, employees are friendly and down to earth, and in the end it makes sense for them to buy from you and repeat purchase. In fact one Chinese proverb says “if you cannot smile, do not open a business”. Besides that I once listened in a customer telling one employee of a particular store that “this is a quality shop!

Eye- contact

At times marketing ambassadors do not consider Eye- contact as important to clients, while it matters to them. That is why it is important for them to have Eye-contact with customer in order to send and receive messages. Especially when they are about to commit a purchase. In addition, eye contact is one of the factors determining whether you listen to what your prospect says. At the same time it defines also your attitude (paying attention to or not paying attention to) he or she.

For sales professionals, eye contact facilitates the process of qualifying customers quickly. For your own information, salespeople skim through prospects’ attitudes and reactions to tell whether they are buying immediately, later or not.


Without looking at other influencers that trigger customers to make purchasing decisions, the atmosphere of the environment alone is chief. The excitement that a staff member shows on the face can change customers’ moods from negative to positive ones. As a result, for other customers the buying decisions can just be influenced by the atmosphere of that particular day. The excitement of marketing ambassadors call forth a cheerful atmosphere within the marketplace.

Moreover the combination of the above facial expressions not only boost personal confidence, but also revives customers’ confidence too. Then the confidence extends from trusting you alone, to even believe in your offering products. Saying whatever you recommend to us is perfect because you sound so sure about your business.

Finally, this skill applies to everyone in business meeting with customers. And also being good at facial expression is vital to cause handshakes from prospects and even build early relationships. This is how you relate to them in order to influence both direct and direct buying decisions.

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