advantages of advertising

The Advantages of Advertising that Can Increase Sales

The truth is, a business that does not advertise itself is likely to float below one percent on lead generation. As a result its visibility suffers. So the contextual question right now is, how can advertising increase sales and what are the advantages of advertising?

Check out below 9 advantages of advertising to increase sales:

 1. To educate customers

Educating customers helps them receive the best possible detailed information about products, new products or promotions. Second, it is obvious that some information about specials is easy to follow as it is displayed. While other information on specials has long descriptions and requires special attention to understand the instructions.

2. Updating customers

Having an established customer database is a powerful strategy. It means each time there is an update those on the subscription list will be first to receive notifications on new specials. So creating a customer database as an existing community which serves to reach out to at random time. is very much strategic.

3. Create easy channels of communication

One way is to provide pamphlet drop services, which is doing home deliveries. Next is to insert pamphlets within newspapers, as newspapers can be distributed anywhere at retailers. Both hard and soft Pamphlets can also be found at business locations as well as displayed on screens. Furthermore, applications serve to display the most recent products information and specials on customers’ devices. Not only the information from the application finds customers and at their convenience, but also stays in the device to access anytime.

4. Product introduction

Advertising brings to the attention of customers the information about the new product introduction into the market. Every new invention in business is primarily made in response to customer needs. So in this regard, it is an advantage to the business to inform customers about the new releases, also an interest of value to the potential buyers for receiving an update. Again it is a sort of educational process in the course of telling customers why the new features can help them.

5. Market introduction

Venturing into a new market is like joining a new neighborhood, and it is okay to let new neighbors know you are there. So, from a business point of view, putting advertising in newspapers, pamphlets, social media, television, radio, and search engine is a way of informing customers about the company and its offerings. Even though the introduction of products and services to the new market is the main objective, the introduction of the company as a whole is even more powerful.

6. Sales opportunity

Quality leads increase sales quickly because the higher the lead, the more likely the business is to sell. Moreover, the most effective and efficient strategy for generating high volume of lead generation is advertising in all its forms.

7. Competition

Being on top of competitions is an important factor that customers should know about. Every single department of a business is essential such as demonstrating leadership in the following: The four Ps of marketing. Quality products and services (staff friendliness, store convenience, stock availability, shop cleanliness, general displays, spacious aisles and more), low prices, easy accessible places, and regular promotions.

8. Eliminates uncertainty

In this century, customers like to plan their purchases before they even visit a particular store. When shopping, they carry a list of what to buy. Also, if it is about to join a membership program or something else, they will check the possibilities or the reasons for doing so. Thus, advertising helps consumers find better deals in advance in order to make decent budget decisions. Therefore, by the time shoppers decide to go to a specific store, they already have a clear idea of ​​what to buy as soon as they get there. This is why customers who are unsure prefer to call customer service for more details instead of traveling and get an unpleasant surprise.

9. Quality products

Your products and services can be both high quality and low cost, but without some form of awareness, it is obvious no one will know about it.

Buying triggers:

  1. Price drop
  2. Free bee
  3. Product availability
  4. Safety:  
  5. Brand name
  6. Customer service

The buying trigger is first a visual attraction that connects to emotional values, and then other factors come together to justify a reason to buy.

  • Price drop: knowing the original price of a particular product, and once there is a significant price drop it is now the right time to purchase.
  • Free bee: Present a customer with two drinks of the same size and price, but one is original and the other is sugar-free, but accompanied by a free bee. However, according to practical observation, customers are ready to go for the free bee.
  • Product availability: It is a great advantage for customers to shop at a store where they are likely to complete their shopping all at once and get whatever they want.
  • Safety: Safe transaction is always a priority for both online and offline purchasing. In other countries customers fear for  their life, and choose to shop at selected retailers for safety reasons. 
  • Brand name: It is actually a bargain to find quality brands offered at special prices. Without a doubt, for anyone with available cash this is an opportunity not to be missed.
  • Customer service: Demonstrating work ethic produces noticeable behaviors towards customers. Emotionally speaking customers feel at home, and will not hesitate to call again.

Informing, educating and updating customers should be a repeatable custom of reminding them, while the goal is to build and strengthen relationships with customers. Therefore, the advantages of advertising is that they trigger the emotions of customers. Hence, they are urged to make purchasing decisions of products or services due to a stimulated desire.

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advantages of advertising

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