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The 4 Effective Habits of Top Sales Performers

Top sales performers who achieve the highest rank in the sales business always pay a price. To deliberately add to your present habits and reach planned achievements, you will need to develop a variety of completely new habits. However, while it may appear simple to a few, many others find it challenging to implement into their daily routines. Take a look.


The benefit of competition is that it forces you to compare yourself to the team’s best sales performers.

Furthermore, here are some strategic question secrets you may be overlooking: What is your present position in the team? And how did you compare to the team’s top performers the last time you did your best effort? Congratulations if you made it to the top of the week’s list! However, if you are still ranked below someone, you must strengthen your efforts in order to outperform the competition. Never celebrate success as your last achievement; rather, celebrate it as the beginning of the next best achievement to come.. Thus follow the steps bellow;

  • self-control
  • observation
  • listening
  • asking tough questions
  • learn and apply

Sense of urgency

There are things at work that are important but not urgent, in contrast others things are important and also urgent. The salesperson who applies the sense urgency should be able to distinguish them and separate priorities from the non-urgent. This habit allows you as salesman to differentiate between a 5 minute and 10 minute sales pitch. As a result not only it helps maximizing time, but helping you quickly qualifying important and sure leads. Then again the sense of urgency facilities the best usage of sales territories particularly in an event, by making more sales presentations too. Thus, learning how to use and improve the sense of urgency will increase performance for more achievements.


I have learnt that in this industry the level of confidence increases on step-by-step successes you make. Which means courage and determination grow as you go ahead on your sales hunt. The drive to go-get regardless of circumstances will make you handle well prospects’ objections, and close deals successfully. Again selling a product that is difficult to sell, should not intimidate but to stay positive with a mind-set that prospects have problems and need solutions. Therefore, the ability to make bold and urgent selling decisions is the determination of the extent to which your confidence is.

Highly motivated

Discouraging circumstances in sales can be at times irritating and can affect emotions, especially when coming from facing humiliation. Nevertheless, motivation works together with a good sense of humor as back-up strategy to keep a salesperson’s mood. That is why disappointing circumstances should not destruct or strike one down. But be happy and get excited because that is what you need, get up and shake-off the discouragement. Also top sales performers have learnt to take risks, and dare to close the most difficult deals.

Therefore, In order to possess the ability to be top sales performer, lay a foundation ground in the first place. Just like there was a good foundation in the initiation for a good mathematician or accountant to be born. So the chemistry that makes the right top sales performers is the combination of inborn patterns and the environmental gaining experiences.

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