What Does it Take to be an Excellent Salesman?

The lack of knowledge and the right assistance makes salesmen to remain stagnant; what does the statement that says getting EXCELLENT mean to you?

There is a number of salesmen out there who are suffering from becoming excellent at selling, how do you make sure to help them? Or what I am going to illustrate bellow using the following interrelated words, are they not good enough?


A salesman who feels a sense of ownership of the job that is doing, responsibility takes place automatically and he or she becomes very careful at what is doing. The sense of ownership will make you to love first your entire sales career and second the product that you are selling, a good vision is going to interfere as well in your activities by becoming a good coordinator and following protocols. This is what you will notice taking place in you;

  • Good implementation
  • Organization
  • Becoming protective of what you own
  • Risk avoiding


There are times in sales you reach a point whereby you feel like you get stuck, for your own information perseverance starts where your creativity ends. It is easy to close sales deals with individuals, but closing a deal with a company will look almost like mission impossible, and people can only call you excellent when you attain the level of making one business to sign a business deal with another business. In addition, consistency in your production brings results that show an upward arrow in the graphic diagram. Take a further step to increase more energy, by doing what others are avoiding and become excellent, choose the most challenging sales deals and close them successfully. Here is what you need to persevere;

  • Positivity
  • Determination
  • Persuasion
  • Working hard


Efforts are abilities that determine a salesman’s strengths and weaknesses physically and mentally, which enable him or her to maximize his or her territory or use the sense of urgency without being pushed. The willpower as a natural drive has to be activated through motivations and self-curiosity; in your sales environment there are people who make things happening, ask a lot of questions and listen to advice for boosting your motivation. Making more efforts to get excellent means that you can take a few weekends on in a month; to increase your sales numbers, I have been there before, selling on Sundays is possible but only when you put in more efforts.


Dedication is the sacrifice and commitment that you make, by becoming regularly available for the sales job. An author said you can never commit yourself into something that you do not have faith in, that’s very true and I totally agree with him. Thus if you have faith in your career, you will cultivate the habit of becoming punctual to arrive on time at work, meeting and client’s appointments, the zeal that you show for your sales career will eventually pay off by making you an excellent salesman.

Therefore, as you will agree with me an author once said everyone is born genius and everyone has the aptitude to operate beyond his or her ordinary capabilities. So, I believe every salesman has what it takes to becoming an excellent salesman.

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