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Strategies of sales prospecting

Strategies of Sales Prospecting in Order to Sell During Covid-19

Sales during covid-19 has brought about a big shift in the strategies of sales prospecting. Event sales and other public forms of customer search seem to be sinking and not reliable any more. Why, because the pandemic has imposed a lot of public restrictions.

3 covid sales obstacles

  • Handshake practice is a natural and direct tool. Which of course has been all time proven strategy in terms of transmitting confidence onto prospects, but currently put under restriction. Still, not totally dismissed but being taken over by elbow bump. Now the question is; is elbow bump good enough for salesmen to pass effectively confidence on prospects?
  • On the other hand, wearing a face mask suffocates the facial expression that attracts customers.
  • To make it even worse, social distancing is an obstacle that stands in between salesmen and potential customers.

Resourceful salesmen should not take this situation as the end of the day. However it is time for salesmen and entrepreneurs to change how to approach prospecting. It does not matter at what level one is operating and what business is running. More importantly, your business needs to generate quality leads. Here are ideal strategies of sales prospecting in order to sell during covid-19.

Ideal sales prospecting process

The beginning of sales prospecting is the seller’s vision to find the right customers with real needs to buy the available product at the right price, place and within the right time. In the same order of idea, from a variety of sales intelligence platforms and lead generation tools that exist, sign up for the one that qualifies to satisfy your business’ needs. Strategies of sales prospecting

Sales prospecting

Sales prospecting is a premature step of efforts that a salesman invests in searching to find the right buyers with tangible needs to buy from them. This stage consist of creating a buyer persona followed by sample collection of people with interesting profiles to become future buyers, and finally creating a database out of it. Hence, this is just a period of building up random information about potential buyers.

Sales prospecting challenges

However, running this preliminary phase of sales, it is too much broad in terms of selecting quality customers. Meanwhile it is important to realize that, the field of buyers is large and full of people presenting different types of need for various service providers to supply. The dilemma is; how do you find suitable buyers in this mixed up market? So in order to make this process clear and precise, the intervention of using sales prospecting tools becomes very much useful.

Sales prospecting tool

Sales prospecting tool is a modern way of gathering information about potential customers during prospecting campaigns. It is a computerization process that enables salesmen and marketers to discover and collect information about various business and individuals. Furthermore the above prospecting tool is able to supply the following information: Prospect’s company name, industry, region, title, contact organizing current customers and prospects and a lot more.

Sales prospecting tools benefit

Using the sales prospecting tools, spares sellers from making physical movements in the first place.  Again, chances of going after wrong prospects during the preliminary phase becomes slim. but this time sellers, entrepreneurs, organizations and marketers relax on a computer and collect all necessary data via automation software. The involvement of sales prospecting tools, facilitates to refine the amount of work and mistakes which salesmen should have committed while analyzing each individual prospects manually.

Sales data collection method

Conducting successful strategies of sales prospecting campaign require a sort of intelligence to collect data. At the same time, sales intelligence platform alone will not be helpful without associating lead generation tools.

: Here is the trick: there are out there numerous sales intelligence platforms and lead generation tools, they may not all be necessary for your business if you are not sure of how each one of them operates. For instance, among them, some are best for starter or for large businesses, and other only for selected business industries. So wrong decision may lead to wrong strategies of sales prospecting.

Sales intelligence platform

Zoominfo: Does the intelligence work for both marketers and salesmen. This application is actually able to find the right audience with the most recent information. Zoominfo differentiates itself compared to others in many ways. To mention a few, this software suggests what to say, when to contact and finally connect you with leads.

InsideView: is a marketing intelligence that drives sales in its unique way. Mainly; searching new market, sales & marketing synchronization and performance follow up. Not only that, this software provides updates on current and potential customers and plays also a role of putting available present business news and financial info to explore.

InsideSquareInc: is an artificial intelligence platform providing two eco system services. First is Small Medium Enterprise for (small business, street vendors, business starters, students and more). Second is Cash up for (debit card, investing product, cash card, equity investment and more).

Lead Generation Tools

Salesforce: is ranked to be the first lead generation platform in terms of providing the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

Pardot: is a sales and marketing CRM software. It is known as a user friendly application, which is strategic in the competition. Features; marketing automation, streamlined lead management, smarter lead generation, email marketing, seamless sales alignment, insightful ROI reporting, artificial intelligence, B2b marketing analytics, sales force engage, account-based marketing and more

Sharp spring: is a powerful sales and marketing enablement tool providing the following; marketing automation, lead generation, leading scoring, pipeline and more. Easy to use and to set up.

Contactually: is an intelligent CRM enablement designed specifically for real estate professionals. Contactually brings in the engagement of contact management using the following features; email templates, group messaging, process animation and more.

Keap: is  a sales marketing automation built to rescue small businesses that are in chaos. Keap comes in to organize lead contacts, messages, tasks, appointments, pipeline, money, broadcast, campaigns and more.

Marketo: A marketing automation software offering its services to about 3300 companies. Marketo focuses a lot on large companies with the following features; traditional B2B, engagement planning, align prospects engagement with business goals etc…

Nimble: A CRM software for marketers, advertisers, salesmen, administration, real estates, and more.. Nimble centralizes data by organizing emails, contact and calendars into office 365 which can be accessed anywhere.

Hubspot: Hubspot has an audience of about 13000 companies. Marketing software focusing much on B2C marketing, inbound marketing. Built for small business to drive more visitors, lead nature, and giving more advantage especially to starters.

Note that, this is just to mention a few. Moreover many and useful sales enabling tools are available in the marketplace by other companies around the world. What makes the difference is the specialties found in each one of them. Therefore the combination of both sales supporting tools and the six steps of sales prospecting process, is a powerful way to get stronger results in less time.

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