Sales Prospecting Process: Quick Preparing Tips and Techniques

Sales Prospecting Process: Quick Preparing Tips and Techniques

Potential customers present themselves differently for every business arrangement. The fact is, during the course of prospecting process we meet different types of prospects with unrelated kind of negotiating behaviors. That is why becoming analytical every time we search customers is critical for the success of the process. One natural condition for every sales to be existent, prospecting has to take place in one or other form.

Next are two sources of where customers originate from in the course of prospecting process:

First source of prospecting process

Prospecting can originate from people who are totally out of our social circle, where we meet three categories of potential customers.

  • In this first category we bump into someone searching for solutions.
  • Here our potential customer has identified a product solution but still to make a purchasing decision.
  • This person here is already using one solution and yet not totally happy with it.

People who are not aware of our products are neither prospect nor customers. They get to know about what we are offering only if we reveal it to them. Therefore one business will adopt a product demonstration strategy, and another will approach free trial technique to capture people’s attention. Furthermore, probing for customers is like asking a girl on a date. Convince her first to be there on the date appointment and next make it memorable. So setting-up a meeting with a prospect requires patience, instead of forcing and applying skills in the wrong timing.

Thus the sense of urgency should not be misinterpreted at this stage of the business, and end-up losing an opportunity by lacking the ability to apply patience.

Second source of prospecting process

Prospecting can start within people in our social circle, and these acquaintances are influential to our potential customers. So our connections needs assurance that we are not going to embarrass them if they connect us. According to experience, we do not just go to our friends and ask for recommendations. Sit with them and take your time explaining them why your product might be valuable to their connections. Then they will be very much sure that they are bringing a product solutions that will address their connection problems.

Then and there we will come across potential customers that do not rush in dealing with business. Of which their style of doing business with people takes time, and they want you to be patient with them. Hence before reaching-out to prospective customers, it requires a good mental preparation. Get ready for easy and difficult lead search, anticipating objections and non-objective questions. Besides not only to meet objections during lead generation but also expect particular negotiating behavior from them.

Once again the lead hunting part can be conducted over the phone as well. That is why it is important to master telephone skills and cold calls skills. Last and very significant, have a clear prospecting objectives and identify early the type personalities involved for the meeting.

Therefore, the condition to strategically conduct prospecting requires a good understanding the concept of prospecting. Do not forget to set a clear objective, and anticipate answering questions by exercising in advance. I do believe that mental preparation is key at this stage, and it has a number of steps to go through such as psychological and rational.

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