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sales process closing techniques

Sales Process Closing Techniques that Skyrocket Sales Revenues

Everything a closer does with potential customers, the ultimate goal is to take the generated leads to the closing step. Therefore, for a salesman to accomplish an achievable sales closing process every single action must be professional. Before diving deeper, let us talk about common problems that sellers bump into every time they go through sales process closing techniques.

sales process closing techniques

Negative emotional selling

Negative emotional selling are mixed feelings covering the uncertainty, fear, surprise and excitement during sales encounters. This kind of feeling also becomes visible when there is no sense of ownership and self-confidence while building sales process closing techniques. Reason why sales closers should not open any room for high emotion to dominate within themselves while talking to potential customers.


Causes of negative emotional selling

Negative emotional selling is the state of mind caused by anxiety and fear of producing undesirable outcomes.

Impact of negative emotional selling

High emotions can bring about overreaction during the course of sales conversation.  As a result the power to control and concentrate is no more, leading the salesman to directly assume closing deals prematurely. In the end forgetting to consider the most valuable steps to decorate prior asking for a sale.

The burning desire to close sales deals

Lack of patience: realistically, when running a sales campaign it is critical to bear in mind that, the course of sales deals vary in terms of getting to conclusion. Key is, we need to understand that possibilities of selling may take days, weeks, months or so before the conclusion. Therefore failure to apply patient, then it is going to be difficult to attain high ticket results in the long run.

Absence of demonstrating worthiness to the prospect

Prospects judge salespeople from the way sellers present themselves (externally and internally). However, salesmen who fail to show professionalism of both speech, dressing style, and selling technical skills, may lower their standards in the eyes clients. So failure to prove worthiness to prospects at all levels can sometimes ruin the entire sales efforts and miss the closing opportunity.

Empathy is no more real because of rushing:

Performing the act of empathy before prospects is natural for certain salespersons. Unfortunately for other salespeople being naturally emphatic is a challenge. The consequence of not using empathy in a professional manner maybe a major obstacle predicting chaos when closing is obvious. In real life world, this is the situation whereby a salesperson is failing to relate with prospect emotionally.

Not being able to share sad emotions with prospects is critical, because the purpose here is to relate with clients.


The first contact with prospects is the beginning of the sales journey, which can be either short term or long-term journey. That is why approaching leads with a mindset of creating relationships based value is always a great strategy to go with. Two forms of outcomes to expect during the sales process closing techniques;

  • Successful sales
  • Objection

Getting objections from prospects does not necessarily mean it is a total decline from them. What do you do? Instead of getting discouraged and call it the end of the journey, be bold and ask why not. So what makes the difference is the way a question is being asked. Illustration; “Sir I do respect your opinion, and also I thank you for being straightforward to me, but would you allow me to ask a question? “Now the type of inquiring at this time should be a qualifying one, just to save both prospect’s time and yours.

Attention; an objection may arise due to the following main reasons:

  1. Already have
  2. Money issues
  3. Not being ready to take a purchasing decision
  4. Trusting factor

However, building a long term relationship with a prospect takes effect the moment a salesmen notices that my client is going through a decision process and needs sometime. This dimension of sales requires a strategic approach to maintain this person as a potential customer. If you can, go even as far as spending time with prospects. Getting to know their real pain points while empathizing with them all the way through. Again, in case the prospect stays within the geographical reach, offer an invitation for coffee, just to make sure the contact remains well nurtured.

Value based sales

  1. Educate
  2. Show respect
  3. Empathize
  4. Patience
  5. Demonstrate worthiness

Selling process

Asking questions is a powerful tool of collecting data. Not only that, a decent order of inquiry gives clarity of each sales stage. Then it helps to digest the selling process and progress in an orderly manner, which is to say, moving from level after another. In the end you will be surprised that asking good questions goes hand in hand with; recognizing the context, listening and knowing what is important for the client.

Context recognition

The crucial question to ask oneself before formulating questions towards prospects is; what value can I bring in to my client’s needs? Two things to consider;

Speaking in terms of creating values: you can never assume what is valuable for prospects without pinpointing their pain points. Consequently shying away from identifying the prospects problems, chances of successfully closing the deal reduces too.

Mindset: this is all about the salesperson, how to present oneself to a prospect, psychological intentions towards prospecting.

Consistency of sales conversations

The energy that drives sales conversations in this case is different from emotional and external excitement. But, the context in which we are talking about energy during conversations with prospects is to keep uniformity and consistency for each conversation phase. Among which;

  1. A closer must sound natural in tone
  2. Be knowledgeable
  3. Rational inquiry conducting
  4. Good at speech
  5. Genuine gestures

Having said that, proper sales process closing techniques do not only prepare a closer to discover real prospect’s needs, nevertheless also to close with effortlessness.


Sales Process Closing Techniques

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