How to Write Best Sales Introduction Email with Higher Responsive Rate

How to Write Best Sales Introduction Email with Higher Responsive Rate

The first words of the best sales introduction email are key for the success of sales outbound email. Keep two things in mind: Get your readers to open and read your emails by grabbing their attention. Second, turn your cold sales emails into warm sales emails.

Although there are similarities, but pay extra attention; for there is a difference, when it is about writing a sales introduction email and face to face sales introduction. The motive of both situations is one, to convince and close a deal. Here is the fact; verbal words allow you to produce more arguments than in writing. On the other hand between sales introduction email and field sales introduction, the two approaches look similar when speaking must be moderated. The question is: how do you make it happen, given you are to write the best sales introduction email?

Outbound email

First, outline what an outbound email is about. Initially writing an outbound email is to send an electronic message to a receiver. So in marketing terms, a sales cold email refers to send an email to an unknown receiver with an intention of soliciting business conversation. Then with a good understanding of your sales outbound email, the easier to write it. Failure to understand this process, your prospecting sales email is bound to an average result.

Letter presentation

So every letter format contains the following steps: an introduction, body, and conclusion. How and why? The secret technique is to consider carefully the meaning of content in each paragraph of the message. The volume of each paragraph plays an influential role, to convince prospective buyers to read emails, just from a physical look. Then again an introductory line within a message differs from the body and conclusion in terms of appealing strategy.

Sales cold email

The best way to write a sales introduction email is as follows:

  • Emailing potential clients without enough information about them is not a good idea. As a result, a sales cold email begins with researching on prospects. This phase comes before even starting the sales introduction email writing process. In fact, this is a preparatory stage, where the gathering of all necessary information happens. Read more about buyer persona.


  • Sharing common interests with prospects is the beginning of opportunities, but not a sale. And also manufacturing products your prospect is currently using, does not guaranty a definite purchase from you. Remember there is a lot of competition out there. What is relevant is to find out windows of opportunities inside your prospective company. Of course, every company wants a supplier that will offer products with advanced features at affordable prices. So you need to tailor your selling strategies. Present additional values in your offerings compared to what they currently have. At this point in time, it really shows that proper research to identify prospects’ needs and wants, is vital for a successful sales mission.

Sales introduction email

Researching about prospects before writing  the best sales introduction email is very much fruitful. When a salesperson has enough information on a potential customer, he or she should speak to a prospect as if it were someone they already know. It enables to demonstrate prospects of your awareness ability about their activities. Proving this level of professionalism to them, it renders them weak and become approachable to you. What makes you to sound like you know your potential customers, is the fact that you are mentioning real facts about their company. As a result, it is now the beginning of them to start believing in your skills and expertise.

As a final point, writing a cold email that converts into a warm sales email is just a little amount of content in an email presentation. Again prior research about prospective customers requires knowing more about them, industry, and company. More importantly, the meaning of your short message in your sales email introduction is gigantic.

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How to Write Best Sales Introduction Email with Higher Responsive Rate

How to Write Best Sales Introduction Email with Higher Responsive Rate

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