How to Write Best Sales Introduction Email with Higher Responsive Rate

How to Write Best Sales Introduction Email with Higher Responsive Rate

To write the best sales introduction email, the first words are key to the success of cold sales emails that work.

First, get your readers to open and read your emails by grabbing their attention. Second, turn your cold sales emails into warm sales emails.

Although there are some parallels, there is a distinction when it comes to writing a sales introduction email versus conducting a face to face sales introduction. Here’s a fact: you can make more arguments with verbal words than you can with written words. On the other hand, when writing a letter, you must be brief.

Unlike in the past, reaching the reader by email has grown easier and faster in the modern era. Moreover, salespeople can now email, DM, SMS, and WhatsApp potential clients, among other means of sending messages.

The question is: how do you make it happen, given you are to write the best sales introduction email.

Sales introduction email

A sales introduction email is a first-time sales outbound email sent to persuade the reader immediately into the mailbox. The purpose is to start a business conversation between the two parties (sales agents and leads). It’s important to note that its success is contingent on the recipient’s response, which indicates whether it’s warm or cold.

Lead generation

Researching about prospects before writing  the best sales introduction email is very much fruitful. It’s not a good idea to email potential clients without any clue about them. This step must be completed before the sales introduction email writing process can begin. In actuality, this is a preliminary step in which all relevant information is gathered. More information on buyer personas may be found here.

How do you write the best sales introduction email?

So every letter format contains the following steps: a subject line, an opening line, body, and closing statement.

The secret technique is to consider carefully the meaning of content in each paragraph of the message. The volume of each paragraph plays an influential role, to convince prospective buyers to read emails, even from a physical look.

Sales email subject lines

A sales email subject line is a headline with a few words and a straight line in small or capital letters..So, by simply looking at the subject line of an email, you can persuade potential consumers to open it.

Importance  of the sales email subject lines

  • The  subject line reflects the content of the textual content.
  • In most cases, an appealing title draws the reader’s attention.
  • The subject line determines whether to ignore  it or not.

Sales email subject lines examples


“a quick query”

“Your company’s future after Covid19”

“Clients? We’ve got your back. The mailing company”

Sales email opening lines

The opening line of a sales email always begins with a salutation, followed by a few words of rapport-building. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building rapport, everybody can come up with one or two sentences that suit their own personality.

So, the content of the sales email opening lines differs from the headline, body and the closing statement.

Importance of the sales email opening section

  • Sharing common interests with prospects can lead to long-term relationships.
  • Introductory phrases help to establish rapport.
  • The confidence you show from the beginning of the email results in their trust that lead them to carry on reading the rest of the content.

Sales email opening section examples 

  • Hello Ted,

and thank you for connecting. I’m confident that you and I will soon have a beneficial impact on each other’s life.

  • Hi Abby,

At the event (event name) two weeks ago, you and I had a brief conversation. It’s a great pleasure for us to communicate once again.

  • Hello John,

At the event two weeks ago, you and I had a brief conversation at (name of the event). It’s a great pleasure for us to communicate once again. 

  • Hey Daniel,

I was looking through the sector of people interested in lifestyle coaching professionals, then I came across your profile.

Sales email body section

There are situations whereby a salesman has an approximate information regarding a lead. Also, in other cases, salespeople have no idea who their potential customers are.. So, when a salesperson has enough information on a potential customer, he or she should speak as if they already know each other.

Importance of the sales email body section

  • To present additional value in your offerings over and above what they already have.It enables them to demonstrate prospects their awareness about their activities
  • Proving this level of professionalism to them, it renders them weak and become approachable to sales reps.
  • What makes you sound like you know your potential customers; is the fact that you are mentioning real facts about their company. As a result, it is now the beginning of them to start believing in your skills and expertise.
  • More importantly, the relevance of the statement in your brief sales email introduction should be enormous.

Sales email body section examples

  • I have 12 years of experience as a professional sales and marketing coach. At Performsalez, we help marketers with skills to generate repeatable  6 to 7 figures in sales.
  • I was not able to let you go out of my mind following the challenges your business is suffering concerning branding and signage.

Closing statement sales email

A call to action feature, best wishes as well as the sender’s name, should always be included in the closing section of a sales email.

Importance of closing statement sales email

The most crucial thing is to figure out how to schedule a meeting with the lead.

Closing statement sales email examples

  • Please let me know whether this is something you’re interested in right now, and I’ll email you the information.

Kind regards


  • Are you accessible this week for twenty minutes?



  • Can I provide you with a LinkedIn Business Page summary for (prospect’s company), in preparation for 2022?

Best regards


Having said that, there are multiple methods of writing the best sales introduction emails besides that.

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Sales Introduction Email





How to Write Best Sales Introduction Email with Higher Responsive Rate

How to Write Best Sales Introduction Email with Higher Responsive Rate

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