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Sales Decisions : Why is a Sales Manager’s Decision Influential?

Sales is not a degree program like marketing at university, but very influential in business. Not only that, sales managers occupy strategic positions in large companies. What a phenomenon? They also take major sales decisions that affect the team in particular and business at large. However what both marketing and sales managers have in common is that a great decision maker is born, and does not just become.


The sales industry differs itself from others where learning is intensive like in school. At the same time sales leaders have the duty to nurture the team in place. The developmental process happens in every minute and second of this profession. Although every working environment stimulates learning, but what makes sales distinctive is the pace at which salesmen move at. Growing up under this philosophy, sales training promotes managers to be part major decision taking within companies.

Here is your question; what do you think about this and what would you do differently for better sales decision?


The proficiency to know own product and services generates customer retention. Once more good product knowledge provoke trust together with your products. During a series of promotions we had been doing, a customer came complaining that he was reaped off. According to him the salesman did not explain well about the product benefits he bought. Later he came to realize that the product package did not include attributes as per advertising. To be honest this one is a big embarrassment to the image of the company.

However, when a team member does not know well his product and service, it will unfortunately turn out to destroy the brand image. Thus a skillful sales leader will make the right decisions regarding team training purporting to beat expectations.


Research has shown that, the acquisition of practical knowledge and realities sticks to the brain and last for long. I used to look at my manager how easy it was for them to make wise decisions. It was astonishing to repeatedly hear wisdom out their mouth. Yet learning from his experiences, we realized that our sales manager went even through tougher times than we thought of. (With a good reason an effective sales manager is born when he passes through the real life experiences of sales.) In addition it is only through convincing outcomes (exceeding daily sales targets, exemplary leadership) that a salesperson gets promotion. Consequently there is no way that a salesperson will get into the management level without proof of well deserving.

The sales decisions are and will always remain a priority for as long as a business exists. Therefore it is in best interest of companies to provide top developing programs for the general sales force. And continuously learning positions sales leaders to make strong decisions about sales matters. Constant growth makes a salesperson to be solid enough, and become confident regardless of challenges facing. Thus, this is what happens in the sales background for you to see great sales decisions maker.Sales Decisions : Why is a Sales Manager’s Decision Influential?

Sales Decisions : Why is a Sales Manager’s Decision Influential?

3 thoughts to “Sales Decisions : Why is a Sales Manager’s Decision Influential?”

  1. The decisions that managers make can never be on the side with the salesman or woman. It’s in the managers best interest to look out for the company. Usually when a salesperson makes the mistake of lying to the customer, misleads the customer in some kind of way is because they are weak. It’s a managers job to be a little more aggressive and to take almost a ownership of the company “if I may say”. Being a manager is not for everyone.

  2. That’s very true but at times it’s difficult working with a sales manager who seem to be asking more from the sales person than the opposite to happen.

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