Positive Mindset in Sales: The Inner game of Sales Professionals

Positive Mindset in Sales: Winning the Mentality Game of Sales

Below is the reason why the development of a positive mindset in sales is needed:

To find business players looking for companies that can solve problems which they are facing as organizations. The market is big, with plenty of needy prospects, and also presenting themselves with too many conditions. Note that prospective customers are coming in various ways as well. Very critical to have this mindset that even though customers are the ones looking for answers, still they don’t present themselves to you in ways you would expect.

Here is my story

Back in the time I remember our sales team was composed of a mixed squad of salespeople in terms of performance. We had guys that could not even reach the daily sales target. We also had others that were inconsistent in bringing in enough daily sales results. However there was also another set of salesmen who were making four to five times the daily sales target. As a result everyone was admiring them, at the same time curious to discover what their secret was.

 How does a positive mindset contribute to your sales performance?

A positive mindset toward the product or target market increases the confidence to sell in general. For the moral will be at zenith each time you are set to go out and prospect. A salesman who has a positive mindset is motivated in the first place. Why? This is an opportunity to interact and to supply prospects with valuable information they need. Again it makes sense for salesmen to believe that after proper presentations at least prospects will convert into buyers. On the other hand, it is now time for prospects to see the positive side of your product and service too.

 How to keep a positive mindset

We speak of maintaining positive mindset which is keeping the momentum towards achieving high sales results by observing the following characters. Here is how to keep a positive mindset by building the 10 characters that will help increase your sales:

  1. Learning attitude
  2. Skill set
  3. Self-organization
  4. Self-discipline
  5. Role modeling
  6. Self-confidence
  7. Courage
  8. Determination
  9. Self-control
  10. Self-motivation

Qualities of good salesmen

Learning attitude

The manager needs to inculcate to the sales team the learning mindset to improve on the overall sales performance.

Skill set

Positive mindset in sales is a motivation that gives consciousness to the salesman to seek acquisition of all necessary skills before even venturing in the field.Positive Mindset in Sales: The Inner Game of Sales Professionals


Important things to consider before entering the sales field are sales goal setting and sales planning. Here is the difference between sales goal and sales planning in down to earth explanations:

  1. Goal setting: Goal setting is a positive mindset in sales determining the size of outcome a salesman desires to obtain within a time frame. How? These goals are set a day before. When? Reviewed in the morning, and then evaluated at the end of the day. Where? Executed during the course of the day in the field.
  2. Planning: Positive mindset in sales put in written mode showing a detailed pathway to reach the sales goals.

Role model

Sales trainees receive more inspiration especially when the sales manager is a direct proof of inspiration. Because they have heard about their manager’s field performance, and also have witnessed live performance. Therefore the guys also want to sell like him or her.


Three ways to demonstrate self-confidence: First, the ability to approach anyone in the field regardless of their social position. Second, believing without doubt in your future buyer to become your current customer. Showing real self-confidence will put you far from saying: “this one looks like a real customer and the other does not.” Just go ahead! Third, in most cases self-confidence begins to show up after experiencing sales for the first time. Let us say you made sales by closing two customers. So here your level of confidence starts to increase through believing that “previously I made two sales, and this time I will close more.


A well prepared salesman has the courage to face objections and the most difficult customers to handle. Courage is a quality that allows any salesman to remain composed even when the new market is still intimidating.


The inner energy to accomplish desired sales outcomes. This applies when a salesman sets a time frame within which he or she must fulfill specified tasks or skills.Positive Mindset in Sales: The Inner Game of Sales Professionals


Proof of demonstrating abilities to sell in the field, or having a reputable history of high performance motivates sales guys. Teaching the guys habits of setting goals regularly fuels the mental energy boost of sales prospecting too.

Development of sales mindset

The process of developing the sales mindset is an initiative that comes from a sales leader. A sales leader is supposed to be a great motivator to the team. He or she must show the team the positive sides of achieving successful sales deals.

  • It requires great techniques to transfer skills into the guys (self-organization, self-discipline, self-confidence, courage, determination, self-control, sense of urgency and more ) For instance, put an offer up for grab, and set a deadline to reach the targeted number.

Secondly, for the development of mindset to take place, it takes a salesman to make decisions on purpose. Most importantly, the manager has laid down the foundation, then it is up to you to accept or not, then later experience the transformation.


Salesmen who initially have the hunger to sell beyond the required sales quota, are likely to demonstrate a positive mindset in sales. What made successful sales people to be excellent is because they were able to observe and distinguish what is average and high sales performance. Key is to bear in mind that it all started from within to trigger change. Therefore the mindset will head towards the right direction.

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