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Introverts and Extroverts: How Do You Rate an Introvert?

Introverts and Extroverts: How Do You Rate an Introvert?

How do you spot a great salesman, particularly from an external appearance? In other words, how do you externally qualify an introvert salesman from an extrovert one? Until now people still have the opposite knowledge with regards to what is expected from both introverts and extroverts salespeople.

Introverts and Extroverts: How Do You Rate an Introvert?

The power of introverts

What would you say about the guess that says, introvert salespeople cannot be great sales professional? If the general belief of people supports the assumption that, an introvert salesperson is average in performance. Fact is, great salespeople have become skillful at actively listening. In addition, research reveals that, introverts are good at listening, which demonstrates that introvert salespeople possess natural listening skills. Of which, the ability to listen makes salespeople to identify, analyze, understand needs and then speak to recommend solution to prospects. Let us look at what introverts and extroverts differ from each other.

Mystery of introverts

Big misconception is, average sales professionals are the most reserved salespeople. Whereas, most prospects feel free to trust salespeople with decent look than salespeople who speak too much and showing to be clever. Guess what, a quiet person by nature distinguishes himself by becoming top sales performer in the sales industry. I overheard people in our sales team, talking about me as the most reserved person, how does he sell effortlessly? That was mind blowing to me, hearing someone replying “it is because he looks innocent”. In fact, prospects want to do business with people that they can trust. No wonder why certain prospects were telling me that, I like everything about you and I like your product. Thus, looking innocent is not good enough, but looking genuine is one of the keys to sell successfully.

Fact about extroverts

The general conception of the public, regards sales extroverts as best fit and qualified for sales. For the fact that extroverts are sociable, enthusiastic, shy-less, and bold during the prospective interactions. Findings show sales extroverts as people who do not take enough time to ask questions and take a break to listen. And also do understand, reflect and analyze the prospect’s point. Extroverts have found it easier to talk more than the prospects, thinking that’s the best way of convincing them. Moreover, extroverts have the energy to self-talking instead of having conversations with prospects.

The aim of this contribution is not to undermine extroverts’ abilities but to acknowledge introverts and extroverts are not the same. Again both introverts and extroverts have got weaker and stronger areas of performance and each affects sales results in one or other way. I support Prof Adam G’s contribution where he says, ‟individuals who fall roughly in the middle of extroversion and introversion are the most successful sales people”.

To finish, I would suggest that both extroverts and introverts salespeople should meet each other’s behavior half way. And adjust their behavioral performance in order to become great salespeople. It is interesting how a human brain can adapt to new behavior when conditioned. Ideal is extroverts can learn from introverts rare character and vice versa.

Introverts and Extroverts: How Do You Rate an Introvert?

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