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How to Increase Productivity and Keep Your Team’s Happiness?

A competitive sales team stays happy to increase productivity for it is difficult for an unhappy sales team to outperform. Motivation may be one possibility to keep team members satisfied, while not sufficient enough for the team to stay-up its game. This input highlights the possible realities that might be necessary for the team welfare.


The influence of individual ownership within sales allows the sales force to demonstrate efficiency to increase productivity. Most importantly, each salesman needs to have a clear mind about what taking ownership can bring to life. One way is to be skillful at one on one battleground, and the other is to consider the company’s product as your own. So to make it possible, the company needs to hire sales coach that can measure scopes and altitudes of situations.

Thus a head of sales with the right skills helps salespeople to boost sales productivity improvement for the company. One author concluded that becoming knowledgeable or proficient at a skill is also called ownership. I totally agree with him, because a salesman who is proficient at skills boost productivity.


Sometimes individual rewards can leave negative impacts on the company sales force. The fact that only particular team members get rewards and the under performers are left with no valuable recognition. However, the motivation of the team boosts when everyone in the team feels pleased in one or other way. Collaboration is not like boundary between the boss and subordinates, but like a relationship connecting sales peers. Within an ideal level of collaboration, salespeople share ideas and visions for a bright future of the company.


Salespeople come in an organization with different personalities and perspectives, reason why encouraging creativity within sales teams bring diverse flavors. A collective spirit of creativity addresses issues facing an organization, meanwhile salespeople gain knowledge through interchanging new insights. So entrusting salespeople with responsibilities of bringing in new ideas makes them feeling both valued and happy to work.

Moreover, sales leaders need to show trust towards salespeople that will guaranty safety and good welcoming of ideas. A working setting that promotes creativity seeks for better motivating means to increase productivity. Lastly the sales leader must show maturity when it comes to receiving suggestions from different perspectives, as it may seem to be delicate in some instances.


Understanding to keep the salesmen happy will stimulate the sense of ownership, collaboration and creativity inside the salesmen. Therefore, the success of this implementation strategy takes two things: Hiring the right salespeople and a skillful sales manager. Altogether from the sales manager to the salespeople, having the passion of doing sales is the drive to possess increase productivity in sales.

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How to Increase Productivity and Keep Your Team's Happiness?

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