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Handshake Strategies to Increase Your Sales Conversions’ Rate

Greeting comes first in the ice breaking stage, and next come handshake strategies to approaching new leads. Of which the aim of salesmen shaking hands is not only to trigger connection but also to communicate self-confidence onto a client. However, not every person you meet accepts easily handshake from anonymous people. But it becomes a lot easier as you learn and discover strategies you need to complete this process and make it a routine.

Three reasons why you are missing out handshakes

  1. Wrong time
  2. Incorrect attitude
  3. Unsuitable ways

Here are normal and effective handshake strategies to approach any business personality.

Handshake timing

The process of approaching prospects is in most cases fast for salesmen. For we are aware that, prospective customers are busy people and have no much time. Meaning, no one will put available time listening to your entire sales presentation. Key is, chances of meeting potential consumers may happen anywhere you point yourself. Therefore early presentation must be short to accommodate their timing with yours. The reality is, greet and introduce yourself first to provoke him or her introducing back to you. Next is just a simple illustration; “Hi! Am Gideon from Performsalez and you.” Guess what! Next is a sure reply with handshake. “Am Henry from company so. Nice to meet you”. Here is a small opportunity window opened for you to build relationship.

Selling Possibilities

Sales circumstances and nature are never the same, reason why using multiple selling techniques is great.

  • First option is to start a sales conversation with building relationship. This stage allows you to gain prospect’s trust, showing that it is not only about business but bringing solutions in specialized areas.
  • Second option, just shoot. Where after the greeting phase, capitalize using the following example: “Sir, am glad coming across you just in time… or everyone is tired of load-shedding three times a week, are you of the same opinion? The best way to do it is to relate any existing situation that connects with your sales pitch.


  • Working hard to get handshake from someone who does not totally know you, is just one part of the process. But convincing the person to stay behind and hear you through is also another task that leads to the next level. With good motive confident and well intentioned handshake should transmit a message of assurance to anyone standing before you. Which seals trust for them considering to wait and listen to what you have to say. Then the success of the second step is an affirmation of being likable and the beginning of your future buyer to be opening up effortlessly.
  • In addition, it makes sense for prospective customers to find friendly salesmen at any given time there is an encounter. Prospects believe that friendliness is when interacting with them while smiling. Then, eye contact is also an interpretation of various meanings in business meeting. It determines current attitude that may result to positive or negative reaction. Lastly excitement is an ingredient that animates an environment for warm welcome. Which in return, the mentioned three qualities play intermediary role to convert cold handshake into warm one. Read more…

Handshake strategies

If it happens that so often we are not receiving enough handshakes, it is because we lack preparation. Good preparation involves a purposeful motive. Professional attitude towards prospects and more importantly consider to find a perfect time about asking for handshake. Finally the process of handshake request must look natural for professionalism with sincere verbal and nonverbal communication.

For salesmen to get handshakes successfully lays on good implementation of the above mentioned points even though there is more. Note that, this is just to ensure a proper decoration for a successful sales introduction.

Handshake Strategies to Increase Your Sales Conversions’ Rate
Handshake Strategies to Increase Your Sales Conversions’ Rate
Handshake Strategies to Increase Your Sales Conversions’ Rate

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