Daily Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople: Every Salesman Should Know

Unless you grasp the following fundamentals of habits of highly effective salespeople, sales, like any other profession, becomes easier: Demonstrate active listening, verbal and non-verbal engagement , commitments, resourcefulness, always composed, consistent and more. Below are its fundamentals in details.

1. Communication

Paying attention to what prospects say can save sales reps from misunderstanding, misinterpreting or even embarrassment. Hence, the lack of not grabbing properly the prospects’ messages in its full context usually makes salespeople miss out on the rapport building opportunity.  Did you know that the manner you communicate determines the quality of connections you are building with guests? Fact is, you may be genuine in all you do, and still the lack of the right skill to communicate can ruin the entire process.

2. Preparation

Back in the time when I was talking to a prospect, suddenly a paper fell down and the prospect picked it up before i did. However, my mistake on this, I was not fast enough to pick up the paper before him. It was embarrassing when one of my seniors reproached me about it. Although it was not intentional, while alone I realized that there was a lack of preparation for that. In short, the habits of highly effective salespeople should apply from A to Z, because we never know where credits or mistake will come from. Thus the preparation to tackle every sales circumstance, which is from sales prospecting to post sales should be one of the priorities.

3. Confidence

Confidence kills negative energy such as doubt, skepticism and more. Whereas, as I always mention, the number one reference of confidence is past success stories. This means each time you make a remarkable sales close, it usually generates fresh energy for closing more sales. As a result you find yourself prepared to crash another deal and record new success.

4. Curiosity to learn

You may come across someone and ask a question to see if he or she utilizes services similar to the ones you are selling. Then obviously the question will be to determine who the service provider is. Let us pretend the answer is “YES, but from a different company.” That should not, however, be the end of the story. Let me tell you that a little bit of curiosity can go a long way. Inquire if the potential customer has ever considered trying a competitor’s product. Supposedly,you suggested the prospect to switch and the deal went through, again it is possible to solicit another business by rehashing.  The prospect may or may not accept the offer, It is still fine, but at least you tried.

5. Empathy and honesty

A true demonstration of empathy works when the presentation is natural. However, not everyone has the ability to fake the act of empathy.  At the same time, some faking to empathize with prospects sometimes go successful. For a good reason it is advisable not to fake because it is very dangerous if caught. There are people who are really good at showing it and some are mediocre. Still nothing confirms whether they were born with it or not. Definitely according to experience empathy really works. Indeed it is a feature of  habits of highly effective salespeople. Read more on top sales performers.

6. Motivation and energy

The motivation booster of sales prospecting is any form of reward that comes after getting the job done. . The truth is, real motivation emanates from the assurance of benefits to gain after a great performance. Therefore, a motivated salesperson is the one that sets achievable sales goals that bring tangible results. Thus, an adequate sales knowledge to execute any sales mission has potential to generate energy based motivation.

7. Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is demonstrated by keeping the promise. What if you have no prior history with the prospect to prove your trustworthiness? Check out, leading questions to understand the prospect problem will push potential buyers to assume as follows; you have work ethic, concerned salesperson and not after money. Next, genuinely being concerned about the customer’s pains is a step toward to building trust too.

8. Consistency

Maintaining the consistency of repeating the same formula that produces high quality results is a mindset. The behaviors of top sales performers is an intentional decision to make a commitment of achieving above the average line without failing. Then to stay consistent is a discipline that many salespeople suffer from. Therefore it takes a sacrifice of certain important things so as to pull it through.

9. Sense of urgency

The capacity to prioritize goals makes it easier to achieve faster results. The sense of urgency encompasses pro-activity in responding to sales tasks.

10. Courage

Courage is he ability to go further when a prospect turns you down. Certain people will answer you that are not interested. And what makes a difference here is the power of persuasion. Instead of getting discouraged, tell the prospect I respect your decision, but “can I ask one question?” The lack of courage can sometimes make a salesman answer questions in the heart that a prospect would have answered. Also, it is the tendencies to lead reps assume in the opposite direction of what prospects would have replied.

12. Doubt

The absence of courage causes salespeople to automatically doubt themselves. In most cases, uncertainty arises as a result of a lack of previous success stories. The conviction to sell, on the other hand, occurs once a salesperson has considerable success in closing great deals.

13. Persuasion

How far are you willing to push your sales efforts? There are situations whereby when you solicit attention the prospect just turns you off with words like “am not interested”. Not only that, but there are multiple ways prospects use to escape from salesmen. So, in order to overcome such objections, persuasion is the strategy to apply. Salespeople who are persuasive do it intentionally. Guess what, successful sales in general happen as a result of persuasion. Read more

14. Organization

Organization starts from a personal structure in order to succeed. The way a salesperson prioritizes goals can affect the achievement of sales either positively or negatively. Good organization, discipline and commitment allow you to stay on track of activities. In the end it makes you to develop the habits of highly effective salespeople.

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