Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy that Generates High Return on Investment

The process of generating prospects’ list, outbound, then to wait and receive responses requires to draw a killer email marketing strategy for high ROI. 

What is email marketing  strategy?

A mind game strategy to grab the attention of consumers. Email marketing strategy is purposely compiled to incite curiosity in such a way that prospective buyers will be inclined to open anonymous emails expecting to find valuable offers. New headlines are the turning points to attract the attention of prospects who are in the process of seeking values. Therefore, this direct method of contacting prospects is of great benefit to sales prospectors for a variety of reasons: Salespeople are the ones who choose who to contact within the potential business. Then, it gives sellers the flexibility to negotiate deals directly and set them on terms that will work for both parties.

Email Marketing Strategy

3 main characteristics of an effective email marketing strategy

  1. Introduction email: The very first contact with a potential audience is of course a cold email. This email is just an intro to get attention once opened. Read more
  1. Follow up email: Cold emails are difficult to open, which is why sending a single outbound is less effective in grabbing the attention of prospects. However, follow-up messages increase the chances that the message will be read. So if the message goes one way without a response, it will be assumed that the email was not opened for some unknown reasons. Then, it’s a good idea to send a follow-up email, while notifying that an email has been sent before that, and then making it clear to the reader that it is a follow-up.
  1. Post follow up email: At this point, it’s ideal to take a close look at how we measure time intervals in terms of subsequent tracking. Because there is no need to overdo the frequency of sending emails and end up irritating someone. The stage of outbound takes place again as a reminder to the promise made regarding the first contact. On the other hand it is an attempt to stimulate prospects in the  event there is no returning response. 

Most effective email marketing strategy

 The next strategy after building a mailing list is to segment customers based on their needs. Because email segmentation has so far proven to be the most effective email marketing strategy for sales prospecting. Why? It facilitates analysis and clarifies a better understanding of market demand. 

  1. Need: A typical market known for its nature of homogeneity. Where consumers present themselves to marketers each with a different type of interest . For instance, a membership program is supposed to cover everything in just one standard package. So with this elementary understanding it is already a sign telling marketers that the promotional messages should match prospects needs and wants.
  1. Gender: While there are gender-based products, services and solutions at the same time, there are also unisex products. As with gym membership, services are both standard and also segmented by gender. While, in the case of providing car tracking solutions, the prices show differentiation and may vary by subscription.
  1. Age: Age gains advantage for certain services offering features with extras in favor of consumers falling under advanced age and pension. Sometimes the range of age may or may not be an advantage for particular business offers .
  1. Social class: Dealing with similar solutions like providing car tracking alone, packaging offers start from limited to unlimited services provision. The truth is,  even though everyone wants to have the best in life, when it comes to this incident it is unfortunate that one has to choose according to the size of the pocket.
  1. Physical disabilities: Consumers with disabilities get special treatment as well, unlike in the early days. The uniqueness of this feature makes it more special for anyone under this category to respond positively.
  1. Health issues: Originally, HIV and COVID were not eligible for insurance plans. But now it has given a boost to many businesses that have adopted their insurance and medical benefits policies.

How to develop an email marketing strategy 

History is the best future predictor. History is the best predictor of the future. Obviously, when you check through the emails sent to prospects in the past, you will depict the best performers amongst others. In most cases out of hundred it is always two or three email performances that stand out. The best strategy for developing email marketing is to invest more time in analyzing attributes, which makes these emails more convertible than others. 

Sometimes people tend to just check out what is working well and build on it, which is not bad. However, if you also happen to uncover your mistakes, then correct them, your results will be even better.


Email marketing strategy differs. Therefore the manner of conducting it will be different as well. The question is what business are you running? If this article was useful, what conclusion would you draw regarding your current business?

Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy

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