Effective sales closers

Effective Sales Closers: Best Sales Team Structure

Building a high-performing sales force that generates millions for clients is merely a mentality. Which simply means being astute when it comes to creating highly successful sales closes. Then, unlike in the past, there is no need to hire just anyone to join the team. What matters is that we understand who we are seeking for.

Highly effective sales closers are capable of closing deals and breaking sales records, unique in converting quality leads into quality buyers. A sales team that closes great sales deals is made up of three layers of sales professionals.

In this article, we will demonstrate one effective method for building a dynamic sales team.

Good sales team structure

  • Lead generation specialists
  • Appointment setters
  • Sales closers

Step 1: Lead generation specialist

The person who understands better the handling of sales intelligence platforms and lead generation tools. In fact, this team member is in charge of finding potential customers from scratch using sales and marketing automation tools. Check also: Kringle Konnect: Business Made Easy – CRM with Campaign Manger, Loyalty and Rewards Redemption – Communicate with your Customers

Step 2: Appointment setter

TELESALES is…. a service that sells your products or services directly to the customer by telephone. TELEMARKETING is…. a service that generates interest, creates opportunities, provides information, takes account of customer feedback, makes appointments and produces leads by telephone. As per iq-4business.

Many companies prefer to subcontract appointment setter individuals in order to secure appointments with leads. These are individuals who are not part of the team, but telemarketers with high communication skills. On the other hand, salesmen are ready to close deals once appointments have been arranged for them. However instead of outsourcing and increasing extra costs, we will demonstrate a totally different approach this time.

A salesman with specified mission, and whose responsibilities are to prepare and set potential buyers ready for the final step of sales. How does this work? After receiving a list of leads from a lead generation specialist, a setter does a proper and professional qualification process. This process takes the deal from 0% up to an approximate 60% chance of closing.

1. Role of appointment setter

The duties and tasks of an appointment setter is to convince and convert total strangers into real leads. High level of tactical conversation with potential buyers must be demonstrated to achieve 40% -60% as current customers before booking them to a closer.

2. Appointment setting benefits

This technique not only does not rush the conclusion process, but also does not hurry prospects to take decisions. Allowing potential customers to judge the whole process as professional and organized. Again, putting them on hold for another consultant to take over after a day or two, creates fear of loss in them. Just a reminder, salesmen are not the only ones who suffer from fear of loss. Let us say, if your product offerings present irresistible features, such that any prospect with cash ready in hands, will not afford to miss the opportunity. So setting an appointment for the next consultant to close, makes potential buyers anxious, which on the other hand increases odds of successful sales deals.

Step 3: Sales closer

To have leads that are half closed is an opportunity that comes only once and not twice. Like it or not, at the end of the closing process, what matters the most is positive results. So here is what is needed to achieve success in closing sales deals.

Sales skills

  • Confidence: first of all the confidence to close a sales deal is defined in height and altitude. Confidence comes from good preparation. Realizing that it is either things go well or wrong which is why it is of utmost importance to draft upfront answers to defuse objections. The lack of not having proper answers to overcome objections lead to embarrassment. However, the mission of highly effective sales closers is one; to overcome and not be defeated.
  • Asking a question: wiser or pertinent question is the fruit of active listening. Through it, you are able to identify the prospect’s pains, at the same time you get to discover the ultimate goals of your client.
  • Listening: on average a salesperson who listens more, realizes higher sales conversion rate than a talkative one.
  • Empathy: uneasy heart feeling is manifested by the tone of voice, eye contact and facial expressions. It is actually a reaction towards shocking news. Which in return generates connection between salesman and prospects.

Obstacles of sales closers

  • Doubt: the lack of not setting personal standards defining you as a salesperson brings self-doubt. Again the inability of not setting daily sales goals arises doubts in the product you are selling.
  • Fear: questioning yourself too many questions about whether you will make it or not before closing is the beginning of skepticism. Guess what, skepticism will start telling you things like, what if it does not work out as planned?
  • Shyness: avoiding eye contact especially during communication is interpreted in various ways. shyness can lead to loss of control. It is difficult to convince buyers the moment a seller starts stuttering from the beginning of the conversation. The lack of maintaining consistency while talking and commence to stammer in the presence of a client tells of the lack of confidence. So by the time a potential buyer begins to question your confidence level, definitely your product solution will be put to question too. As a result the client loses confidence in both you and your product solution.

Therefore, Research reveals that the sales prospecting structure, as well as the entire sales-force, is based on a marketing-seller-business dynamic. The benefit of working under this structure will ultimately promote team spirit, no matter who does what. So, highly effective sales closers are actually an assembly of an entire sales team working together with a common goal. In the end it turns out to be concluded that “the achievement of a unit can never exceed that of a group”.

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Effective Sales Closers

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