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Inspirational customer service skills

Customer Service Skills Can Play Role of Sales in Business

Professional customer service skills is one of the top reasons businesses still standing own feet. But close observation  demonstrates that even large and well reputable organizations also coat unskillful employees. Which is to say placing an ignorant worker at the forefront is not a smart move for a business welfare.

Just like an employee who fails to interpret ads pamphlet for customers in instant need. Such a person with no customer service skills is not an asset but a threat to the business.

Terrible customer service skills

Last month I contacted one of my service providers concerning a promotional offer that I did receive from them. The offer in fact presented less cost than the one I usually use a month. Unfortunately, it turned out to be unsuccessful on my first attempt. So I decided to speak to a service consultant over the phone, who later told me to hang-up and wait for verification. After a while she called back to confirming that the ads notification I received was for last month, and it has currently expired. My concern was why would this big service provider send me a fake ads offer and even specified a valid expiry date yet expired? In the process of trying to understand whether what is happening is real, instead I decided to test again the service offer for second time and draw conclusion, guess what this time it worked.

Nevertheless the customer service skills in this case is a concern. Even though she made the right decision offering her valuable time to verify the problem, but in the end supplied me with the wrong information. Consequently I would have drawn a negative judgment, if I were to take her advice as a YES.

Interpersonal communication problem

Once the marketing message contrasts from the customer service ambassadors’, it becomes a cacophony to clients in the communication process. Then serious consequences will follow afterwards, as the number of discontent customers will increase. Thus, cohesion between marketing, sales and the customer service is critical to the customer experience success.

Efforts that salespeople make to pursue and convert leads into real customers are huge to acknowledge, give credit to them. It is a pity, there seems to be a lack of attention within the organization, when forgetting how much it costs convincing a single unhappy customer. So, understanding to foster collaboration between sales and the customer service will promote better services and save the business’ brand image. And also the selling concept is not about making once-off deals, but to build long lasting relationships for customer retention. The issue is do we openly pass on the message to the relevant people within the organization?

Cohesion for customer service

Speaking the same language across departments is an effective way to promote cohesion in an organization. The customer service together with sales must work in partnership with a common goal to satisfy and keep current customers. Moreover, it is a responsibility of senior management to achieve relational coherence among business ambassadors.

So, avoid operating as an organization that lowers costs by not equipping the forefront staff with the customer service skills. It costs a million in loss but a penny in training investment.

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