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Causes of Prospect Objections: How do You Handle Them?

Causes of Prospect Objections: How do You Handle Them?

Prospect objections are natural behaviors and also challenging to deal with that often popup in every sales deal. So not getting early approval from a prospect, does not indicate that he or she declines. Let me put it in this way; if a customer replies “am not interested” just tell yourself that “I will never give up”. The reality is, most sales professionals spend a lot of time to learn about answering back past objections, but neglecting to look for causes of prospect objections.

Let us see what can be possible causes of prospect objections


The lack proper ice-breaking makes you look or sound unfriendly. Also prospect objections may arise if verbalization techniques are used in an inappropriate way in the course of selling presentation. So missing a chance to relate with prospects at introductory stage, they are likely to bounce back objections.


Many times objections arise because salesmen often tend to bring-up the price factor in the early stage of selling processes. For the reason prospects usually take advantage and jump steps wanting to know the price. Of which not that bad, but here is what you may ignore: for particular businesses, revealing price early is a shortcut to close a deal. And for other businesses, talking about the price early might chase away prospects. Ideal is good preparation before customer prospecting. Moreover, the kind of prospects to meet in this category are business experts and none experts. Thus, prospecting can be complex if there is no anticipation.

How do you take full attention of your prospect?

Objection to switch

Moreover the lack of word of mouth about customer experience can lead prospects misjudging your product solution. Yet again limited knowledge about own product makes them to oversee unprofessionalism. While the lack of professionalism brings about doubt in their mind to switch to new product solutions. Note that prospects do not just switch to another product without safety, guarantee, value, cost and other important factors.

Small but important details

Shying away from eye contact may appear to be okay, but very important in conversation with prospects. Moreover keeping head straight towards your opponent, good sense of humor clashing with a genuine smile, convince that you are self-confident. Still the goal is to create a successful relationship at the end of the day. One last important fact is, speaking too much by trying to impress instead of listening carefully is a great mistake. Because you will end up missing the point and getting misjudged.

Having said that, the keyword about this topic is the ability to identify common causes of prospect objections. Then be in constant readiness to encounter simple, normal, difficult, and hard objections in sales. However, not succeeding to uncover objection issues and expose them is the greatest mistake. On one hand to turn down objections for every deal will be tough. On the other hand you are also likely to be obtaining poor results on average.

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Causes of Prospect Objections: How do You Handle Them?
Causes of Prospect Objections: How do You Handle Them?
Causes of Prospect Objections: How do You Handle Them?

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