5 Sales Icebreaker Conversation for Successful Sales Pitch

5 Sales Icebreaker Conversation for Successful Sales Pitch

In other disciplines it is usually believed that “the end justifies the means”. Though it is not the case with sales, because each step of the selling process counts. In this contribution the statement is neither about sales introduction, sales presentation or closing a deal, but how an influential sales icebreaker can make sales pitch successful.

Pitching prospects comes with two types of responsiveness that need to be revealed; one is a negative reply and the other is a positive response. Generally, customers hate being pitched by salesmen. Not in a bad context, but it is an issue the moment salesmen’s interventions find them in the middle of other activities. On the other hand, not every prospect is difficult, which is to say certain sales pitch get approved easily. Most importantly, tailoring a sales icebreaker conversation strongly decorate both pitching situations in the first encounter with potential customers.

Sales icebreaker activities

Sales ice breakers conversation cannot be mistaken with sales introduction. Whereas it is just a way of initiating a conversation with a guest. Initially, the aim of this process is to seek approval of talking, get prospects’ attention of listening, and eventually getting along with each other. It is important to know that, not appropriate to introduce any sales agenda during this stage of conversation. Should it happen? Except the minute a prospect sees the need of it early. Nevertheless, odds of making successful sales ice breakers conversation is high to a salesman who has active mindset. An active mindset refers to the awareness of seasonal events, current event, local news and customer’s disposition. Having these tools, it is easy to use them as weapon of breaking down possible objections interfering between salesmen and prospects when necessary.

Interesting sales ice breakers

The point of spicing up a sales icebreaker with news of the day is to make the conversation interesting. But here is what many might ignore; bringing in a conversation; a topic that has nothing to do with the main goal (sales agenda) should not be the main focus. But the main goal is to find out the best ways of using non-relevant stories that will activate connection and therefore find a common ground with prospects.

Break the ice to start a conversation

No matter how much you try to repeat previous sales techniques, eventually a different situation will take place in one way or another. Simply to say that, a sales icebreaker is always unique for each sales circumstance. Again, here is another perspective; all prospective customers are not the same. And also, every prospect responds differently to each new sales pitch. Fact is, a salesman should conduct questions according to prospects’ mood. Why, some prospects are very much arrogant, and will not even give chance to salesmen speaking up their mind. So experience will prove that the secret to get breakthrough in such incidents, lays in decent introductions. Which technically is the sales icebreaker conversation. Below are two important approaches to consider in this regard:

  • Icebreaker question
  • Icebreaker conversation starter

Direction; it is either to use one or using both at the same time if necessary.

Good icebreaker question

Icebreaker tactic questions vary from telephone call, field sales event, B2B and more.  So self-introduction should be followed by a question word. “Mam, please allow me to ask you a quick question, and if your answer is correct then you are the candidate we as a company are looking for”.

Good conversation starter

A good conversation starter is a warm greeting. For a well-spoken greeting can shift the prospect’s mindset from any mood to positive one. Greeting is a sign of good manners. To greet somebody, means consideration. Reason why before asking how a prospect is doing; it is very important to understand the power of greeting. Once a prospect notices professionalism from the first seconds of encounter, he or she will pay back the price. It is a principal of “give-and-take “. Last but not least, even though greetings maybe successful, still do not rush to sell, instead create strong bonds as a guaranty of the next level.

To conclude, tailoring own customizable sales ice breakers in advance is a great way to tackle any potential buyers. This is to challenge anyone in the selling business to get prepared and have ready personal sales ice breaker techniques for every sales mission.

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