4 Important Guides on Sales Goal Setting for Salesmen

Sales goals can only be certain if they are intentionally motivated. The process of making sales goal setting a reality reveals that salesmen are not the same. Strengths and weaknesses are the things that differentiate them. As a result, effective sales goal setting requires salesmen to possess the following qualities.

Responsible Salesmen

First and for most, the structure of the sales process is a great part in the responsibility of sales. Putting order of things to accomplish a target goal is the starting point. A responsible salesman knows that lead generation comes first before lead qualification, and next is the sales execution. The game plan part of the sales execution must follow order, because every sales process is also not similar to each other. Moreover the selection of prospecting methods demands great accountability, among them (emails, phone calls or face-to-face meeting with prospects). It does not only end there as the ranking process can start from introductory, follow up and the close phase. I like calling it the hierarchy of the sales execution.

Resourceful Salesmen

If prospecting calls are not passing gatekeepers and emails cannot secure any positive outcomes, how do you turn it around? A salesman demonstrates resourcefulness when there is no fear of limitation by whatsoever threat, whether personal or externally caused. By the way, the knowledge learned in the past will be a tool to self-resource for better future performance. Pull up yourself and get on the ground, request to see the man in charge and wait until your sales goal setting is met. Forget about them making you wait for long, but meeting the target and close the deal that is your goal.

Creative Salesmen

The power of imagination is a very strong ability that every human being has, and used according to personal characteristics. The way you visualize approaching your prospects is your own vision, and only you alone can make it real. If you have faith in your product that it sells within a day, while your co-salesmen cannot, then do it. Consider the teachings you are receiving from your sales trainer as basics, and in return use them as platform to think out of the box. Find new and easy ways to conclude sales deal fast and also create new markets.

Productive Salesmen

Forget about every aspect of rewards and supports your company may give you. What if none of the motivations offered by your senior attract you, and no perfect match motivation available to boost your moral, how do you self-motivate to increase productivity? However, excitement and confidence are the things salesmen need to deliberately dress up with when on duty. The excitement of being in the field for that particular day, you feel yourself well equipped to confront prospects and finally close deals that have taken long. Did you think about the economy of scale and align it to your sales technique or the Pareto method? How do you align them to your sales productivity?

Therefore, daily efforts made without ceasing may look insignificant, but sum up a 30 day work and appreciate how mind-blowing it is.

4 Important Guides on Sales Goal Setting for Salesmen
4 Important Guides on Sales Goal Setting for Salesmen

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